Wednesday, February 2, 2011

All Things Creative...

I decided to start this blog because I am in a very serious and passionate relationship with any and all things creative. ;-)

As a recent graduate of Arizona State University I have become all too familiar with the feeling of confusion. Confused on what path in life I am "destined" to take and what realm of this world I should choose to plant my roots in. That, along with a little extra time on my hands, resulted in me creating this blog to display my inner creativity and my aspirations of life and love in general. Enjoy!

Below I have listed my "things to do this year" list that I created in September... There are some I have already completed!

1. Pay my own bills

2. Take a picture I can frame and hang on a wall in my house

3. Organize a big event

4. Religiously workout/exercise

5. Be proud of myself

6. Become a semi-acceptable cook

7. Bake something new every month .. so far so good!

8. Earn praise/reward/bonus at work for hard work

9. Attend a professional football game

10. Read at least 6 books... (3 down)

11. Climb camelback at least 5 times..(1 down)

12. Attempt to try food I strongly dislike

13. Shoot a gun

14. Get a massage for the first time

15. Spend more time with my grandma

16. Buy outfits I think are cute instead of just looking at them

17. Be there when someone needs me the most

18. Take Bikram Yoga

19. Overcome/do something I’m scared of

20. Go to Vegas

21. Have a professional picture taken of my mom and I

22. Go to the Improv

23. See John Mayer up Close

24. Go to a Winery in Napa Valley

25. Buy all new underwear and throw away my old ones

26. Clear my facebook friends list up

27. Have an amazing NYE in San Fran...(this didn't happen, maybe next year)

28. Visit Sedona and the Grand Canyon

29. Have a cocktail party and make homemade appetizers

30. Become a “beginner” at Adobe Illustrator

31. Buy a good camera

32. Save money

33. Read my horoscope everyday

34. Throw a surprise party for someone

35. Keep my room/house cleaner

36. Don’t spend on my credit card

37. Build/install something by myself

38. Go to church more

39. Pay more attention to current events/news

40. Go to a strip club

41. Give my boyfriend more “French” kisses

42. Attempt to learn about wines

43. Take more bubble baths

44. Play the lottery

45. Sell things on Craigslist from my mom’s house... (I have sold things from work!)

46. Plant some flowers

47. Sing Karaoke

48. Go Sailing…or go on any boat

49. Make new friends

50. Pay someone a compliment every day

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