Monday, February 21, 2011

Beautiful Burlap

Yesterday, the gloomy weather had me in the mood to do something creative. I looked at the local Goodwill store in search of a diamond in the rough and had no luck. So, since I was feeling inspired I ventured over to TJMaxx, a place where you can often find cheap treasures. What did I come across? An awesome burlap pillow. Although it was slightly limp and lacked the luxurious pillow feeling , it got me thinking... I have been very drawn to anything burlap lately. Maybe it is the traditional feel, or the texture? But for some reason I cannot get enough.

It seems as though there are endless possibilities as far as the functionality of this type of fabric. Everything from upholstery to pillows, used for artwork and even crafts. When I decided to look for photos of the usage of burlap there was even more than I expected.

The majority of burlap decor has a romantic feeling to it. White, cream, and browns welcoming the luxurious glow of vintage chandeliers.

However, if it were up to me... I'd mix the burlap texture with bold, bright colors similar to the way that Jolie Marche did in these pillow covers below. Her shop features some really great covers at a great price. I think that I just might have to purchase the two below for my room make-over :)

Another example of bold color alongside burlap. I love the orange detail on the curtains. It really makes a statement in this room and gives it a life of it's own. This room is so unique I love the mixture of traditional style with a contemporary splash!

These chairs are amazing. What a statement they make in this otherwise understated room, a great conversation piece.

Burlap can also be used for curtains or even as wall covering. It creates a rustic feeling but still preserves the luxuriousness.

Hope everyone had a great Monday, 4 days until the weekend ;)

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