Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Feeling Inspired

Lately I have been feeling so inspired. Maybe because I'm embracing my passion for decorating and design or maybe just because I am filled with so many ideas that they are practically seeping out of my veins, but today I am feeling very grateful for it. I have been devoting a good amount of time into doing something special for my mom...something that she usually doesn't do for herself (because she is always doing and giving to others). I have been re-decorating her room for her. About 2 years ago, she re-carpeted and added molding and a great paint color to the 3 bedrooms in her home but basically left it at that. Wellll..I decided its time for a change and such a wonderful person deserves an equally wonderful bedroom sanctuary.

As I have gotten deeper and deeper into this project it has proven that sometimes too many ideas can crowd the brain and not allow me to focus correctly. Today I came across photos of Melissa Warner's apartment (featured in House Beautiful 2010 May issue) while searching for a solution for ugly closet doors..and low and behold it was exactly what I needed. I am using the same color scheme in my Mom's room. Loving all of her accessorizing and the beautiful linen headboard. Maybe her apartment will inspire you too?

Images via House Beautiful

Now..all I have to do is find a solution for the dull and drabby sliding closet doors. Look for a post about my findings soon.

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