Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Edition of RUE!

I was thrilled when I discovered that today RUE Magazine released their March/April issue. SO many amazing rooms, photography styling, and designers are featured. It is (almost) overwhelmingly glorious.

I think I am going to have to re-read each section again, because, well I was just too excited while paging through and had to see what was next. However, one specific feature did truly dazzle me. Bailey McCarthy (Peppermint Bliss) and interior designer for Quin B Studio's home put me at a dead stop and I HAD to read every detail about this traditionally tasetful home with a side of flare. You must go check it out for yourself..trust me, you wont be sorry.

I have placed some photos of Bailey's other work below..just for a teaser taste!

Another great sneak peak: KATE SPADE BEDDING :)

Kate Spade has always been a staple designer in my eyes. Over the years, I have somewhat let her fall off my radar- and what a shame that is. It wasn't until recently when I received the most amazing ring, totally blinged out and exactly my style from two of my best friends that I decided to never let it happen again. I am so anxious to see what her home collection has in store for us.

Ps. I might add that I am absolutely loving the new website. Bright and firey yellow and eye catching pops of pink. Bravo!

Bedding Images via Shelter Pop

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