Thursday, June 30, 2011

Muse Interiors

I love how calming and beautiful Lauren Muse of Muse Interiors designs her spaces to be. I was instantly attracted to her style and how "finished" everything feels, each room captured being picture perfect. People often think that perfect translates into boring and bland. Muse is exactly the opposite. She incorporates fun colors and unique textures to create harmony within each design. Her attention to detail really satisfies my soul...clean, organized, and livable. I can totally picture myself living in a number of the spaces she has designed. It leaves me wanting to see more.

Love the marrying of green and purple in this workspace!

Images via Muse Interiors


  1. Wow what an amazing coincidence??!! I just published a post featuring the designs of Muse interiors! Like minds think alike haha ;)Muse do create amazing rooms, such classic beauties.

    Happy weekend!

    xox Linda

  2. haha too funny! Love the rooms as your blog also :)