Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Spotting Red White and Blue

When most of us in our country think about the colors red, white, and blue only one thing comes to mind...America and showing pride in our country. However, it seems as though the British flag is becoming more and more popular as a trend in American decorating.

I find this funny as to why we aren't displaying our own flag but I myself even gravitate to the British flag.

...why is this? Is it the graphic lines and the way the color pops? Or is it simply because we do not associate this logo of pride with having pride in our own country? Its rare to see the american flag printed on an area rug or hung as a canvas on a wall.

Either way, the British flag seems to be ever present on my trend radar as of late...don't think i'm complaining either! I even spied this gem at TJ Maxx on my lunch break...do I dare?

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