Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Claude Wasserstein's Amazing Home

While looking on today something striking caught my eye. Amazing decor. I clicked on the slideshow of Claude Wasserstein's breathtaking home in New York City, however, breathtaking might be an understatement for the views that they can see on a day to day basis. Claude, who used to be married to Bruce Wasserstein known around the financial district in NYC has really come to show her eye for design in this space not to mention how beautiful she is :). LOVE it. 2-0911-VO-WELL350-01_13461943891 8-0911-VO-WELL40-01_134624954790 7-0911-VO-WELL39-02_134623936274 The use of pattern in this room is perfect. The wall to wall ikat carpeting makes me swoon! I also love the brass trees in the background, some really unique pieces grace this large space. The red side table with metallic gold accents is super chic. 3-0911-VO-WELL36-01_134620132655 4-0911-VO-WELL38-01_134621144858 UMM..can you please look at the amazing mirrored stools in the shape of Claude's son's name Jack. Serioulsy so cute and really makes the space. I also love the oversized globe on the lucite display stand. 5-0911-VO-WELL39-01_134622677493 6-0911-VO-WELL39-05_134622848720 1-0911-VO-WELL45-01_134618645189
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