Thursday, August 4, 2011

Taking off to Maine

Tomorrow I will be setting off for a week long vacation in beautiful Maine. I am so excited to get a chance to visit somewhere I've never been - I have heard so many great things and most importantly to get a nice long week of rest and relaxation. I am accompanying my boyfriend on his family's annual trip to Belgrade Lakes, Maine and I can't wait to enjoy the nice weather and spend quality time with his family! Hopefully I will get the chance to share little snippets while I am there and keep everyone updated.

Happy Weekend!


images via Alli Morris (my boyfriend's sister - she captured these shots last year)


  1. Have fun!! I LOVE Maine, so much. Definitely bummed there was no vacation scheduled there this summer. Hope you have FUN!! MademoiselleMichael

  2. have fun... just realized its august already...

  3. Beautiful pictures. My hubby and I are going to Maine for a week in September - so looking forward to it :-)

    Hope your enjoying your trip, and also hope you'll be sharing some of your favorite Maine finds on your blog :-)