Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Glitter Guide Feature: Late Afternoon

I was thrilled when I saw the front page feature on The Glitter Guide of Liz from one of my favorite fashion blogs Late Afternoon. And get this! They even featured some photos of her home and little tid-bits into her everyday life. She is one person who has such an amazing effortless style and seems as though she can literally pull off any outfit she puts together. One can only dream. I love her creativity and fearlessness! Have a look for yourself...her home is just what I pictured, eclectic feel with a few show-stoppers accompanied by an array of clothes, jewels, and shoes. Happy Tuesday!
vintagedress1-e1317054600701 inside4-e1316543119620 inside3-e1316543375255 inside5-e1316543315739 livingroom3-e1316661127534 livingroom4-e1316660912109 glitter3-e1317007697111 bedroom3-e1316661304355 glitter6-e1317007664892 bedroom1-e1316661337711
images via The Glitter Guide

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