Thursday, September 15, 2011

On my typical nightly round of sites I browse I came across one of the most refreshing homes I've seen in quite some time. Designed by Spinnaker Development, the warm wood floors and the serene crisp white decor makes this place feel so welcoming and totally livable, too. Some of the layouts of the rooms actually remind me of my Mom's house so I am for sure going to use these as inspiration as she embarks on remodeling her own home. Tomorrow is Friday! :) c02e0cf2138b c918f93efdef a71a1151d13d 1c9dbc9e19ce 757c1369118b 6db1e29d026c 920d45676032 144bc91f7db0 20354c330366 69a0bd416e1b 0867018bad76 Images via Decorpad

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