Monday, October 17, 2011

And the RZ saga continues...

My love and admiration for Rachel Zoe keeps growing deeper and deeper. And not only am I jealous of her extremely glamourous job where she gets to play with millions of designer shoes, handbags, and clothing items everyday - I also adore the space where everything begins, her office. Although we all know that there are glimpses that are shown throughout the Rachel Zoe Project the Coveteur gives us a much more in depth look and uncovers so many ammmaazing details! I cannot get over all the shoes, even Zoe herself said it is almost impossible to become desensitized - and she sees them everyday! A girl can only dream.
Rachel_Zoe-01-full Rachel_Zoe-02-full Rachel_Zoe-03-full Rachel_Zoe-04-full Rachel_Zoe-11-full Rachel_Zoe-13-full Rachel_Zoe-15-full Rachel_Zoe-19-full Rachel_Zoe-20-full

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