Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Perfume Shoppe Scottsdale

I am sure that if you have walked around the Borgata in Scottsdale chances are you may have come across this amazing little perfume boutique. Privately owned, this quaint treasure provides its customers with signature scents sure to wow. By no means are these ordinary either, each fragrance is completely original. When I walked in I was first delighted by how comfortable and welcoming the space was. Plush carpet, pink accents, and of course an aroma unlike any I had ever smelled before. Rebecca was kind enough to show me around, give me some history, and of course send me home with a few samples (two of which I have been wearing for the past few weeks since I had stopped in). She even mentioned perfumes and colognes worn by many A list celebrities like Brad Pitt and Katie Holmes. My personal favorite was an amazing white floral fragrance called Honour, and I am completely obsessed.
IMG_1336 IMG_1339 IMG_1343
I was instantly drawn and interested in these sleek bottles of TPS's new promotion named "Blood Concept." There is some more information on their website, but as you can see the bottles are all labeled after specific blood types...just in time for Halloween. :)
IMG_1342 IMG_1337 IMG_1340 IMG_1346
If you are looking for a scent that is designed and catered to you, this is your spot -- and even if you aren't, stop by anyway and check it out because I promise you won't be disappointed. Excellent customer service and one on one consultations is something rarely found in other settings and if you ask me, its priceless. I may even have to go back soon and pick up a bottle for myself.

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