Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ashley Stark's To Die For Home

It saddens me that it has been quite some time since I've posted about any interiors. But hey, that's what I love about my blog - its not dedicated to any one subject, and anything that I feel like posting about goes. Plus! Mixing it up will ultimately guarantee a boredom-free blog, right?! ;)

Anyway, I came across Ashley Stark's (creative director for her family's company Stark Carpet) amazingly gorgeous home and I am completely smitten! Her chic high rise is actually in the very building she grew up in - making it even more comfortable. I find myself totally relating to her style - and her mix of old and new home decor in a fun loving way.

05Ashley-Stark 01Ashley-stark 02Ashley-Stark 03Ashley-Stark 06Ashley-Stark 04Ashley-Stark 07Ashley-Stark 08Ashley-Stark
Images via Elle Decor

Happy Late Thanksgiving - Lots to Update!

Do you ever have those times before a vacation where you are running around so crazy that you forget to do everything you "wanted" to get done? Well, that was me on Tuesday night. I apologize for my lack of posting over the holiday but I traveled east to Pittsburgh to visit my mom's side of the family and we had so much fun. I intended to do a great post Tuesday night but just never got around to it. So I am doing it today--and then some! I have finally returned and wanted to show you some snapshots from my lovely week in the city of steel!

My cousin and I braved the Black Friday Madness and I purchased the Longchamp handbag I have been swooning over for quite sometime. (No, it wasn't on sale -- yes, I still bought it). I needed a new bag and I couldn't stop thinking about this one so I finally gave in! But I did snag a few other items for half off which I was excited about!

We also had some amazing seats at the Penguins game on Friday night! Fifth row - what a great game too! I was fortunate enough to snap some amazing pictures :)

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Holiday! I am thankful for all of you!!! xo

Monday, November 21, 2011

Yup, In My White Tee

The single most important staple in any woman (or man's) closet is the go-to white tee. It is the comfiest, first thing you always pull out, always goes with everything - and can never get enough of piece! I know I have about 3 in my closet that I rotate from. One usually slips into my wardrobe every week, without fail - and I am not complaining. Its hard not too when you can pair, layer, and accessorize with ease, I love wearing them! Do you have a favorite white tee?

254031235200923025_jRt9IluS_c 197243658649530307_NZfYeFlN_c 66428163223265058_9SrxGRnX_c 23221754298238306_0iKQK4Cy_c 147633694004339453_W6DCVAXU_c 237776055295874915_0htkyYQD_c 117023290287076898_Mnkw5ZOS_c 197243658649490442_9DDuPZJP_c
images via Pinterest

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday Nothings

I purchased a new Kate Spade iPhone case and the main reason I bought the case (don't worry, I didn't pay the full retail $40 - I snagged it on Amazon for $17 bucks!) was because of the inspiring two letter saying on the inside of the cover. I loved thought of the daily reminder to "Have Courage" everyday and remain hopeful throughout every aspect of your life.
Lingering inspiration from Tuesdays's post found me in the cosmetics isle of the grocery store. I know, I know the grocery store doesn't have the greatest quality beauty products but I couldn't pass up this .99 cent sparkly nail polish! It will go perfectly as an accent to my gray polishes :) Tomorrow is Friday! Woo Hoo! Can't wait for the weekend.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

To Love or Not To Love?

I have somewhat mixed feelings about this new style -- waxed denim. I have been seeing the denim in stores and all over the internet lately and, just the way trends typically catch on, the more I see it-- the more I like it. Even after uploading these photos I am *almost* smitten. Hope you all had a wonderful humpday! You just may see an instagram of a new purchase this weekend. I just have an inkling. ;)

eatsleepdenim.com unitedstyle.wordpress.com victoria waxed2 waxed3 waxed1 blog.denimtherapy.com www.sirielaine.com
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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Trend Gawker - Ring Finger Bling

I have slowly but surely been seeing the trendy "ring finger bling" popping up all over blogs and, of course, Pinterest! I must say the more I searched for some inspiring images for tonight's post the more I wanted to run out to Target and snag some sparkly nail polish to add to my manicure. Come to think of it, you know where I could probably find my old stash of glitter polish? My parents house - I used to ONLY paint my nails with bling and I couldn't be more excited that its back in style.


Images via Pinterest

Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Birthday SCM!

Today is not just any Monday - it is scm's special day! In honor of celebrating him and his day of birth I decided to make him some delectable treats - baked with love, of course! I came across this recipe for Butterbeer Cupcakes over at Amy Bites. Let me tell you, I went through many of her Sunday Sweets posts but simply could not imagine passing up these amazingly original treats. They are delicious, rich, and calorie full..but hey, that's what birthdays are for right?! Her photo directions made it super easy to follow and the whole process was relatively simple! I did tweak one part however...I chose not to fill the cupcakes with the butterscotch filling. Only because I thought it may be a bit too rich for my liking - but I'm sure both ways are just as amazing! I also added on some cake sprinkles for an extra bit of glimmer! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Glitz!

I have always loved gold and often find myself gravitated toward it over silver for some reason. Maybe because it feels warm or the fact that I believe you can pair gold with any ensemble - but I am pumped about all the fall metallics I am seeing everywhere! Today I focused mostly on the gold shiny accessories and apparel that I found, but not to worry silver lovers there is plenty out there for you also! Happy Friday! Have a GLAM weekend. XO
Recently Updated1-1

1. Movado 'Bold Chronograph' Bracelet Watch - $850 - Nordstrom

2. Tulip Dress - $99.90 - Zara.com

3.Distressed LEATHER REVA BALLET FLAT - $195 - Tory Burch

4.Lamé Clutch - $12.95 - Forever21

5.Slash Pocket Short - $79.00- Bebe

6.Kissing Giraffe Bracelet - $10.80 - Forever21

7.Michael Kors Double-Wrap Belt Bracelet, Golden -$195.00

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Weeknight Project

So, I have knowingly accepted the fact that I have an issue with buying clothes. However, I also have a small issue with keeping my closet organized. So, tonight I had a few extra hours to spare and finally decided it was time to get my stuff together and make some headway on organizing my closet and doing allll my laundry! I still have a bit of a ways to go before the final product but I figured I would show you my progress so far. Tomorrows Friday!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Amber is The Color of Your Energy...

The Giltter Guide featured the home of Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors and I absolutely love her style as well as her eclectic and cheerful home. The bright colors and distinctive artwork really make this space one of a kind. I love the dark blue velvet curtains adorning one of the bedrooms as well as the fresh flowers next to Amber's jewelry display tray. I enjoy the way that she mixes both old and new, soft and rough, and bold and neutral together. It creates a fun-loving bohemian inspiried environment its no wonder she was featured :). Hope everyone had a great Wednesday!

Amber_GG_24 Amber_GG_40 Amber_GG_27 Amber_GG Amber_GG_38 Amber_GG_43 Amber_GG_40a Amber_GG_18 Amber_GG_70
Images via Glitter Guide

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall and Winter Staple: Socks & Boots

I am absolutely thrilled about the whole wintery trend of wearing long socks and boots! I think it creates such a warm, cozy feeling and It makes me want to have knee-highs in every color to coordinate with different outfits all season long. They go with everything from shorts and tights to dresses and leggings and even rain boots - what more can we all ask for? Totally excited to have such a versatile way to make every outfit original!

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