Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Birthday SCM!

Today is not just any Monday - it is scm's special day! In honor of celebrating him and his day of birth I decided to make him some delectable treats - baked with love, of course! I came across this recipe for Butterbeer Cupcakes over at Amy Bites. Let me tell you, I went through many of her Sunday Sweets posts but simply could not imagine passing up these amazingly original treats. They are delicious, rich, and calorie full..but hey, that's what birthdays are for right?! Her photo directions made it super easy to follow and the whole process was relatively simple! I did tweak one part however...I chose not to fill the cupcakes with the butterscotch filling. Only because I thought it may be a bit too rich for my liking - but I'm sure both ways are just as amazing! I also added on some cake sprinkles for an extra bit of glimmer! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

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