Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Halloween Costume Recap

I was Cinderella this year for Halloween and I thought my costume came together super cute! I ended up finding my somewhat scandalous leotard and my headband at the one and only American Apparel (so surprised to find they even had the perfect "Cinderella blue" in stock). My tutu was a DIY'er that I followed from a pattern from Joann that consisted of tying tulle in knots onto elastic. I consider myself some what of a perfectionist, hence the purchase of the pattern to follow. I didn't want my tutu to be limp or see-through. For my black choker I simply cut a pair of old tights and since it is that dark stretchy material - it worked perfectly! It was a little trick my girlfriends and I used to do in high school. All in all I was pretty proud of how it turned out - and wanted to show you all the finished product! What was everyone for Halloween? I'd love to see! Happy Tuesday!

Image Cred: Tessa Meland

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