Monday, February 13, 2012

Busy Bee

Wow! What a whirlwind of a weekend it was. Lets just say it was not an easy transition back into reality today. I got a lot of things checked off my "to-do" list,enjoyed the sunshine, and even had enough time for a little fun (no sleeping in tho, waaaaaah). The cookie party that I talked about last week turned out wonderful and everyone that went had such a great time. Our beautiful creations will be donated to Hospice of the Valley just in time for the Holiday! You can check out some pictures on my Twitter feed - I was updating live.

I hope everyone had a wonderful wonderful weekend, see some of mine below!

Recently Updated12-1
1. New Essie spring collection (love the colors!)

2. My Hugs and Kisses Themed Cookie Masterpiece

3. Neon paired with Shades of pink to commemorate the Holiday w/good friends

4. Fresh Apple Blossoms

5. Afternoon Pick me ups

6. And of course, what's a weekend without sparkly hearts?! ;)

Images via my iPhone

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  1. This is a nice collection of snippets to have in your weekend. That outfit is stellar and the plants are adorable