Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Most Wonderful Time

Most people associate the Holiday season as "the most wonderful time of the year." Not me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Springtime in Arizona chock full of sunny skies and huge puffy clouds. Spring is my source of happiness every year. Most importantly because of all of the super fun Spring Training games.

Cactus League spring training totally takes over the valley during March and this weekend marks the season openers.

Lawn seats, shorts, and of course ball park food has been all I can think of this week. So I decided, of course, an outfit post was necessary. Will you be at any games this weekend?

1.Women's Tiered-Crochet Rosette Fedoras

2.Top Shop Navy Crop Bow Shirt

3.Top Shop Earrings

4.H&M Suede Oversized Orange Clutch

5.Old Navy Women's Colored Canvas Shorts

6.Sam Edelman 'Gigi' Sandal


  1. Nice collage! What software do you use to make your collages. Thanks.

    1. Thank you :) - for now I use a program called Picasa!

  2. Love spring in Arizona, I so want to go to a few spring training games soon! Love the collage:)

    xo, katherine