Monday, February 20, 2012

Presidentially Classy

Happy President's Day! Unfortunately I wasn't blessed with today off but honoring the many great men that have led our country got me thinking....

When I think of the President of the United States the first thing that comes to mind is, naturally, their first lady. Excuse me for a moment as I'm biased, hehe. The woman of the White house must posses style, grace and most importantly CLASS. When I think of class, for some reason pearls comes to mind. Maybe it's because my grandmother always wore them, or maybe because they are so elegant themselves? To me, pearls = class.

Pearls aren't as big of a fashion staple as they once were in the days of Jackie O and Ms. Hepburn, but they are still very much around. I have been seeing them mixed up though. Pearls of funky sizes and combining them with other styles of jewelry seems to be it right now. There is nothing better than history re-mixed don't you agree?
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