Monday, March 19, 2012

Ritzy Couture

My heart practically stopped when I came across this Vogue shoot featuring the beautiful Kate Moss. I don't know what I love more, the gorgeously decorated Ritz Paris or the fabulous couture dresses? This is definitely fit for high society. I'll let you decide for yourself...all in all I am in pure awe. Mostly because of the super chic Coco Chanel Suite bathroom...that pink bubble bath? SWOON!

ritz-kate-moss-0412-VO-WELL58_112743221242 ritz-kate-moss-0412-VO-WELL56_11274349684 ritz-kate-moss-0412-VO-WELL65_112748160857 ritz-kate-moss-0412-VO-WELL61_112745722452 ritz-kate-moss-0412-VO-WELL63_112746390923 ritz-kate-moss-0412-VO-WELL70_112750328181 ritz-kate-moss-0412-VO-WELL60_11274424838 ritz-kate-moss-0412-VO-WELL68_112749313897
images via Vogue

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