Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Born to Make a Statement

Neon was made to stand loud and proud and practically screams "LOOK AT ME" wherever it lies. The bright vibrant shades have most definitely been agreeing with my taste lately and I especially adore neon when it is styled as an unexpected pop of color. You know, mixed in with a monochromatic pallet? It is simply so pleasing to all of our eyes! What is your favorite way to master the placement a neon shade?

154459462190013181_WpDiZBOw_f 105975397451717474_CfoIR6El_f 40673202854710795_LRiuZkxe_f 79938962105956244_XPT0PN2L_f gemma3 150237337539445585_9m7Gqa8H_f 159526011770256999_2esCFgg0_f 72198400246450123_zyOowjxD_f
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