Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bundle on Up

They lovely SHOPPE by Amber Interiors has some pretty STELLAR stuff at the moment. And, of course, the cutest ones are pre-sale so scoot on over and check it out! These blankets and runners are absolutely to-die-for! The eye catching colors and bold patterns have totally wooed me. Now the real question...who wants to "lend" me a few bucks so I can purchase one of these plush little pretties....pppppprrreeeeeeeeeeettttyyy please ;)

Although these may have to go on my dream wish list for now, that doesn't mean I can't admire them and will not stop me from placing them perfectly on a sofa in my many many imaginary design projects. Although, if you ask me...I DO think every women should own just ONE expensive blanket in her life, no?!

Happy Thursday - Just one more day!

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  1. Oh these are gorgeous! Love the black and white one in the corner!

  2. Love them all as well!! I am going to have to make a purchase sometime soon :) Glad to have found your blog!! So cute!