Monday, April 30, 2012

"Do it Now And Do it With Honesty And Integrity"

This past Saturday I attended the first annual Arizona Blogger Conference and I must say it was an absolute blast. Not just because I was surrounded by some of Phoenix's finest but because I was totally happy- all night. Who would have thought that talking about, exchanging, learning, and complimenting on blogs all night would be so much fun? I know I certainly didn't a year how things have changed.

The venue was happy, the food was delicious, and most importantly the presentations were insightful. We even got a Madewell tote bag filled with goodies! I made some new friends and got to chat and catch up with some fellow bloggers I met earlier this year as well. I wouldn't have wanted to spend my Saturday any other way!

Here's what I wore...
Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
Outfit///// Dress: TJ Maxx, Denim Jacket: Old Navy (similar), Shoes: TJ Maxx, Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelets: H&M, Earrings: Allison Lauren


  1. that outfit is too cute Sarah! I love the yellow!

  2. It was great meeting you sarah! Hope your ladies night out was great too!

  3. I am so bummed I didn't see you at the event!! Not cool. Your outfit is awesome though :) Yellow is totally your color. Let's hope for another event soon!

    Mandy & Kini Style

  4. You looked sooo adorable at the event! Thank you so much for coming!!