Tuesday, May 1, 2012

And Then I got to Thinking...

That phrase always reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and The City. It brings me back to a summer in college where I spent most of my vacation nights lying in my bed and watching the 10 season special DVD collection of that fantastically addicting show on my laptop. I know, I know...too much time on my hands. But she really did have some damn good insight.

Do you ever find yourself reading quotes that match your mood? Are you drawn to and relate closely toward some more than others? When your happy - you like happy. When your hearts broken - you prefer sad ones. And when your looking for some deeper insight - you enjoy the really philosophical ones with an underlying meaning that really make you THINK. Today is one of those days. Feeling slightly overwhelmed by more than a few things in my life at the moment I used tonight as a way to wind down and focus on what really matters. Instead of fixing myself on a quote that tells me to "suck it up" or "when it rains it pours" I thought that I would channel positivity instead. Choosing one that really reminds me that happiness must begin by coming from within first.

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  1. love this quote. It is perfect for how I have been feeling lately too!