Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mad Hatter

Although the Kentucky Derby has come and gone, I can't shake my obsession with hats for summer. I simply adore them...in every way shape and form. Whether they are large and floppy, rounded and bright, or even eyelet these make a great accessory for any summer ensemble. Naturally, we know summer hats act as fashion flare for a swimsuit and coverup (with added SPF protection), but I happen to like them even better for everyday summer wear! Just throw on a pair of colored denim cutoffs and a light blouse and you are perfectly summer-chic. Being in the Arizona heat can be daunting...but it just might be bearable this year if I can snag a cute summer hat like some of these below!

tumblr_m18ufrv4lP1qcyr44o1_500 235172411761262842_8daJQgwm_f tumblr_m3nlnlHZ1a1qd0i5go1_500 91338698662712323_TqXgp2TG_f bearnaked.co 14566398764937610_kxBE0tuV_f tumblr_m3pnt0MTAS1robq0qo5_500 tumblr_ltjaddow1y1qimcwyo1_500
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