Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Month... New Do

For my entire life I have always known myself as a blonde. Whether it be strawberry blonde when I was a little girl or a platinum blonde with a short bob - blonde has always been ME! Lately I had been feeling bored and grown tired of the same old same old. So I decided last night to switch it up. I am still a blonde but have a darker under tone and although it was a shock at first, I think I am beginning to really like it! I think choosing to do a subtle change rather than the shock factor is probably best since I have been the same color for so long!
I know it doesn't look much different in this picture- but this weekend I will be sure to snap a few (maybe even do another outfit post) so you all can see what it really looks like!

Tomorrows the weekend!!

Hair Style: Dori Stevens (please contact me for her contact information if you live in the valley and are interested in having her do YOUR hair)

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