Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Just Do It

I know I have mentioned that after moving into my new condo I had to SERIOUSLY downsize my closet. Which we all know is no easy task, especially for those who blog. I tend to just keep buying and buying and never find myself ever getting rid of things. My goal upon moving in was to keep myself meticulously organized...that way I wont feel overwhelmed or swallowed by clothing and accessories billowing from behind those two sliding doors.

Tonight I finally had some down time and just went for it. Organize, and de-clutter was the goal. I honestly utilize every ounce of furniture in my room as storage. I have posted below my armoire - aka my accessory closet + skirts/pants. What do you think? How do you deal with a small space?

Untitled Untitled
Image via my iPhone

Monday, June 25, 2012

Riding The Wave

I have been MIA and I can't apologize enough. Although, everyone knows how it feels to be totally and utterly ka-put after many long and busy days in a row.

I have been pondering if I wanted to invest in a wand curling iron for some time now and last night my little Target weakness got the best of me and I gave in a bought a waving wand. I AM SO IN LOVE! It makes my natural waves look more put together and less roll-out-of-bed. Nonetheless, I have been fancying lots of waves lately. I am in full support of the beachy effortless style.

I promise I will do a tutorial soon! Happy Monday, it feels good to be back!

cutieeepie809.tumblr.com thebohemianbride.wordpress.com blindlymakingmyway.tumblr.com capecodcolleiget dance-the-stress-away
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Little Bit of Lovely

If you would ask me what my "LBOL" of the day was I would share with you a few things. One, being that I have a new desk that I can't wait to style and push my anal-organization-matcheyness into full effect and two, being the fact that Glitter Guide featured Catherine from The Life Styled in their "Style at Home" series today. All I can say besides the fact that her and I are completely on the same page design wise (she totally shares my contemporary-glam aesthetic) is oh-la-la! Her room reminds me alot of my own and I think thats juuuust the reason I am so in love!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

catherine_the_life_styled010 catherine_the_life_styled021 catherine_the_life_styled083 catherine_the_life_styled025 catherine_the_life_styled040 catherine_the_life_styled035
Images via The Glitter Guide

Monday, June 18, 2012

Crystal Clear

This past weekend SCM and I made a surprise Father's Day trip out to visit his Dad in Laguna Beach..it couldn't have come at a better time either. The transition between jobs has been a little draining so it was nice to be able to recharge a bit and come out seeing things more clear than ever and ready to rock and roll at my new job!

We got a goregous sunny day on Saturday and were able to lounge on the beach and even take a stroll through Crystal Cove. A pair of jean shorts and a light knit top was the perfect cover up for my bikini! How was everyone's Father's Day Weekend?

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
Outfit///// Top: TJ Maxx, Shorts: Target,Flats: Target, Necklace: Vince Camuto found at TJ Maxx (Similar), Beach Bag: Gottex (old), Sunnies: Chloe, Bracelet: Lucky Brand.

Friday, June 15, 2012


Today marks the last day of my first "big girl" job. I begin a new one on Monday - eek! If I could have only one feeling I would say that this transition is very bittersweet. Leaving the familiar and diving head first into the un-known is scary - yet at the same time extremely exciting. Its nice to get a refresher and know that you CAN do more and achieve more, it just takes a little reassurance. If I would have asked myself a month ago where I would be today I don't think I could have expected all these changes, especially to all happen at the same time. New home, new job, new outlook on life. Its crazy how life works...isn't it? The best anyone can do is just enjoy the ride. Watch while fate, faith and love all guide us through this crazy journey.

Happy Friday!


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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bailey McCarthy Does It Again

Round numero dos for Bailey from Peppermint Bliss and her quirky yet sophisticated decorating style. I posted about her old home here last year. I would totally agree to moving in this gorgeous home and cozy right up with her and her hubby and their sweet new baby, Grace. I have posted some snapshots below... don't just loveeee what she's done with the place? Two more days until the weekend!
Bailey190-2 Bailey070-2 Bailey119-2 Bailey057-2 Bailey242-2 Bailey063-2 Bailey475-2 Bailey478-2 Bailey490-2 Bailey311-2
Images via Peppermintbliss.com

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Series

I am planning to start a new series here on Something Brue named "Today's Fave". I think this is a great way to not only allow myself a chance to admire looks and outfits I love, but also provide links for you (and ME!) as readers to snag a few key pieces of similar products. A perfect way to re-create :) Hope you enjoy, Happy Tuesday!


///A Style Steal for YOU

1. Perfectly Pinstriped Top

2. c-c-crochet summer days Shorts

3. Neon, your on! Sandals

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Trend Gawker: Spiked Arm Candy

We are all familiar with the ever popular "arm party" term and the trend of mixing and matching far more bracelets on our wrists than ever thought to be appropriate. Want to know my favorite pieces? You know, the bracelet your eye is automatically drawn too in a snapshot of the perfect stack? I have been partial to the edgy yet glamorous style as of late. In my eyes, no party of the arm would be complete without a signature styled spike.

For as much as I love this trend, Its hard to believe I don't own one. This will all change after today. Number 4 is right up my alley & in line with my price range, too!


1. Devora Libin Jewels Phoebe Rust Bracelet

2. ASOS Spike Stretch Bracelets

3. ASOS Adjustable Spiked Arm Cuff Bracelet

4. TOPSHOP Single Spike Stretch Bracelet

5. TOPSHOP Spike Mesh Multi Pack

6. Forever21 Spiked Rhinestoned Bracelet

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Triple Crown

The weekend is finally upon us! I am 100% ready to enjoy it, too. Lots of new things going on in my life that I can't wait to share...one being decorating our new condo (still a work in progress). This weekend also marks the third and final big horse race..The Belmont. However..the horse that won the first two will not race tomorrow - denying the excitement of winning the "triple crown." If I were attending, I'd hope that my date and I could channel our style from the couple below. Don't they look so classy-chic? Nothing screams summer like an over sized white hat and a pinstriped bow-tie. Who will you be placing your bets on? Happy Weekend Friends!

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tech Status

I am sure that if you are anything like me you are relatively observant. One thing I have obviously come across but never truly given much thought too is the Apple phenomenon. Typically, in most home tours, professional shoots, and even personal snapshots of homes you rarely see any type of technology. You seldom come across a room styled with a television in the living room. Of course bloggers use technology more than most as we are always texting, tweeting, or instagraming. Lucky for us our beloved apple products have become an acceptable addition (and even a status symbol) to any coffee table, travel bag, or bedside table. I am certainly not complaining! How do you feel about this tech trend?

http-::theglitterguide.tumblr.com:post:22277612535 tumblr_lzpwsiepfI1qgx1spo1_500 fab k 1 GG_Sarah17
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sweet Summer

I picked up a mini watermelon last night at the grocery store and usually that signifies the true start of summer, for me at least. The taste of sweet watermelon will forever remind me of summers past. The bright colored fruit is always a perfect addition to any barbecue or even mixed with other fruits in a chevron serving bowl. What reminds you of summer? Do you have a staple that you always find yourself going back to year after year? Watermelon has always been my favorite cool treat!

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Tori Praver Hula Ruffle Bikini Top

Fresh Watermelon

Monday, June 4, 2012

A Place To Call Our Own

Happy Monday! My weekend consisted of lots of organizing and un-packing of boxes and I can safely say my room is starting to look more like an actual room and less as if a bomb blew up in it. Any and all organizing suggestions will be taken as I had to majorly downsize closets and it's proven to be a much harder task then I originally thought. I have posted a snapshot of my bed below..I snagged the cream Flokati pillow at Target on Sunday (more pics to come soon)! I think the only thing missing is a monogram to act as the finishing touch, no?

Thanks for bearing with me as I make this transition, my posts should get back to normal this week. Crossing my fingers my gym routine will follow suit...


Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 1.... Check!

Our moving process is halfway over...now all that's left is to grab some friends and unload the truck to our new condo! Sheesh, you never really realize how much CRAP you actually have until you have to pack three 24 year old girls belongings into one 27ft U-Haul (okay...okay, and a few car loads too). That is how I will be spending my Friday night...decorating, hanging, moving and placing until our new digs become livable. Pictures will be on their way hopefully sooner than later. Happy weekend everyone - I hope yours entails something much much more exciting than mine.

Gotta love this crazy, beautiful life!

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