Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Little Bit of Lovely

If you would ask me what my "LBOL" of the day was I would share with you a few things. One, being that I have a new desk that I can't wait to style and push my anal-organization-matcheyness into full effect and two, being the fact that Glitter Guide featured Catherine from The Life Styled in their "Style at Home" series today. All I can say besides the fact that her and I are completely on the same page design wise (she totally shares my contemporary-glam aesthetic) is oh-la-la! Her room reminds me alot of my own and I think thats juuuust the reason I am so in love!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

catherine_the_life_styled010 catherine_the_life_styled021 catherine_the_life_styled083 catherine_the_life_styled025 catherine_the_life_styled040 catherine_the_life_styled035
Images via The Glitter Guide

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  1. She absolutely has a great sense of style! These are great pictures! It´s my first time visiting your blog!