Monday, June 25, 2012

Riding The Wave

I have been MIA and I can't apologize enough. Although, everyone knows how it feels to be totally and utterly ka-put after many long and busy days in a row.

I have been pondering if I wanted to invest in a wand curling iron for some time now and last night my little Target weakness got the best of me and I gave in a bought a waving wand. I AM SO IN LOVE! It makes my natural waves look more put together and less roll-out-of-bed. Nonetheless, I have been fancying lots of waves lately. I am in full support of the beachy effortless style.

I promise I will do a tutorial soon! Happy Monday, it feels good to be back! capecodcolleiget dance-the-stress-away
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  1. ooh I've been meaning to try one out! Can't wait for the tutorial!