Monday, June 11, 2012

Trend Gawker: Spiked Arm Candy

We are all familiar with the ever popular "arm party" term and the trend of mixing and matching far more bracelets on our wrists than ever thought to be appropriate. Want to know my favorite pieces? You know, the bracelet your eye is automatically drawn too in a snapshot of the perfect stack? I have been partial to the edgy yet glamorous style as of late. In my eyes, no party of the arm would be complete without a signature styled spike.

For as much as I love this trend, Its hard to believe I don't own one. This will all change after today. Number 4 is right up my alley & in line with my price range, too!


1. Devora Libin Jewels Phoebe Rust Bracelet

2. ASOS Spike Stretch Bracelets

3. ASOS Adjustable Spiked Arm Cuff Bracelet

4. TOPSHOP Single Spike Stretch Bracelet

5. TOPSHOP Spike Mesh Multi Pack

6. Forever21 Spiked Rhinestoned Bracelet

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