Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Its Hard To Avoid

After watching the olympics begin and end and witnessing countless athletes from our country wear that gold medal around their necks, I got to thinking...

When it comes down to life, How can you not help but compare? It is crazy to fathom that all of us "regular" people have many different strengths and talents, but more often than not there is ALWAYS someone who is bigger, better, and more poised at doing it. Sometimes Its un-motivating and other times It doesn't even cross my mind. But tonight I came across this quote. It put everything into perspective.

You can't continuously compare yourself to others - because when you do it leaves little room for you to just be YOU. In a world filled to the tippy-top with individuals trying to leave their mark on the world, it is often hard to find your own path to carve out. Hopefully this quote leaves you with the same humbling inspiration as it did for me.

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