Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Live, Laugh, Lipstick

This weekend my mom and I were browsing Sephora to find her a new lipstick and naturally it took us about an hour and a half too long. It got me thinking...do you ever feel like you are slightly boring when it comes to lip color choices? I have my signature berry gloss, my bold red YSL, and of course my everyday go-to clear but I've never been one to really experiment. I did try on a bright coral color on and LOVED it - but decided not to impulse buy. For now i will just day dream about all the possibilities of coral colored kisses...Happy Tuesday!


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  1. I just keep trying all the different boring "free with purchase" ones I get from Lancome. I always wonder who they are trying to get to buy/wear them.lol

  2. I have just got brave enough to do a nude lip[...it might take me another decade to try some color!!