Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Snapshot: Vintage Gems

Don't you love a great vintage find? An antique, a collectable, or even a priceless hand-me-down always make me feel so original. Almost as if I found the one piece that was meant for me. The same feeling happens when I visit my Grandma. She's 93 and has a great sense of style - not just in clothing either. She wore metallic shoes before they were cool and is certain that zebra will never go out of style. We share a styled soul, her and I.

Today's Sunday Snapshot features some of the items that (with fingers crossed) will one day be mine. My favorite, of course, is the most handsome photo of my Grandpa Brue during his days in the service. I also gathered her super chic Zebra print perfect for a gallery wall, a gold gilded unicorn - OBSESSED, and no Sunday Snapshot should go without a signature statement necklace.


image by Sarah Brue

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