Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dem Bones

Halloween is just around the corner and I must say that I absolutely love this holiday! The parties, the treats, and of course the creative costumes. My good friend is throwing an early halloween party this Friday and I am so excited to dress up with SCM. I know, I know I somehow talked him into doing a "couple" costume..I must say I am pretty persuasive when push comes to shove!

This year I decided we would opt for a more traditional Halloween costume. Instead of dressing as the favorite cast member of "The Voice" or poking fun at a political figure - we are taking our costumes back to the basics.

Low and behold...his & hers stylish skeleton costumes! Mostly effortless, but bound to bring priceless photos of our night. Happy Halloweeeeeeeen friends! What are you dressing as?

His and Hers Costume1

His Stylish Skeleton:
1. His Back Bones Connected to His Neck Bone - Tee

2. His Thigh Bones Connected to His Hip Bone - Jeans

3. His Foot Bones Connected to His Ankle Bone - Chucks

Hers Stylish Skeleton:
1. Her Back Bones Connected to Her Neck Bone - Top

2. Her Thigh Bones Connected to Her Hip Bone - Leggings

3. Her Foot Bones Connected to Her Ankle Bone - Booties

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